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About Us



I came into baking & cake decorating quite by accident.
My sister stayed with us for a few months. In those months, she would bake scones quite regularly. When she left, my kids bemoaned me for not knowing how to bake & often said how they missed their aunt's scones.
It got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore, but I also asked myself why not give it a go.
I am self-taught. The science of baking is what got me hooked. I couldn't understand why the same recipe gave me different results each time. So, I started researching. I studied it & loved it! Like they say, the rest is history. My name is Ribi Letsebe. I have been working on perfecting my skills for the past four years.

Cake prices

  • Our round buttercream cakes with minimal decorations start at £95

  • Our fondant cakes start at £130

  • Our sculpted cakes start at £150

You came to the right place for that Bespoke Bake!

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